Wednesday, November 4, 2015


 i am having great fun with this quilt. as you can see the walkers are multiplying. there are themes behind the fabrics that are picked, the wrought iron fences the roads travelled stopping the `roamers`by the red borders as they stagger through our country.
Wait till you see the border fabric I picked I am not sure if any quilters follow Walking Dead but it is a great series when you want to quilt they play it so many times if you miss anything it will be on again!
 I also had a wonderful time at Karen H`s house  we had a sit and sew day with some show and share, her mom is on the far right and 2 friends we have known forever through Yorkshire Rose guild Barb far left and Gail in the middle
 They had a workshop with Karen H and giving us a wonderful show and share. Gail is always so prolific look how much she has done so far

I was there to show them how to do the method I am using for the baskets I am appliqing. The no melt templar method. Karen is already doing it and has started making these baskets as well. She will be done the quilt before me..LOL
 Yo can see Barb is all set up I was getting a kick out of her pincushion she has all her pins in order LOL Barb was learning with circles and you can see some of her wonderful fabric choices. See Karen in the background working on her baskets.
To Celebrate Fall I was in a swap and I was late signing up but Karen (another Karen) made me this cute little wall hanging. I love it. she swooped in and stole my heart.
Of course I neglected to picture mine after completed so I have sent a link to you all so you can visit her blog.
My apologies to Karen for posting so late it is called catching up to life.

If you click on any of the Karen`s in this blog it will bring you to spectacular blogs. Enjoy


  1. Some very interesting pieces going on....anxious to see more.

  2. love the blocks you all are holding up - (another Karen lol)

  3. Your pattern is different, but interesting and I look forward to seeing your border fabric and backing. I'm LOL as I sit here typing this message because you do such beautiful dainty applique and then you do this. I remember Gail and Karen's Mom from the guild. So nice to see them again and it is fun to sew and quilt with friends.

  4. That was a super fun day. You are a wonderful teacher Debra and we all enjoyed ourselves!

    Your little mini witch is absolutely adorable. I particularly like the pumpkin with the toothy smile!

  5. Time with quilty friends is really the best.


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