Sunday, March 27, 2016

no fun, fun, no fun, fun

 This quilt I bought from a store that was closing on the west end of Toronto a couple of years ago. The top and binding were together. I loved the fussy cutting of the blocks and it is a perfect Lazy Boy size.

I took it to Whirls and Swirls in Oshawa a new LAQ store and machine quilted it. I had fun doing it, This was the first one I did there and I don`t think I posted a full picture of it.

 This is the fabric on the back of it. This was fun Love the kitty with the glasses which was appropriate for today`s weather. as you can see below I have rhubarb coming up already! isn`t that green gorgeous.
 My husband had surgery on his right knee and so it has been a different life for me here I have had to be the chauffeur and grocery shopper, and physio dictator and all around good sport. DH has been a very very good patient though I have no complaints. He is doing what is supposed to do and improving everyday.
It has cut into my sewing time though so I will have to make up for it later. I have been appliqueing my baskets and I have only 70 left to do! from 300! I am awesome...this is fun!
 There is still a little more to post that is fun, buying fabric! In keeping my DH from Cabin fever I have been driving him to the country and we have stopped at a couple of shops and in doing so I have bought from the 1/2 price shelf some backing and just fun fabrics. Wait till you see what I have done I can`t show you now cause the quilts are now waiting to get quilted at the shop.
I have 3 there and will bring 3 more to Whirls and swirls. They have edge to edge with batting free for the month of March.
 so you can see I have some border fabric and some backing fabric, which is now the not so fun part sewing the backings and borders....I am sorry but to me this is just so boring, so so boring not fun at all big huge pieces. All my fault because most of the quilts are over 100in square...ugh.
 then I saw this at Log Cabin Yardage I think I need to do a stack and whack the Sarah`s roses one. I made it once from the Lake house Hydrangea fabric my mother has that one. I want to make it with this fabric is it not fantastic. This is only a small part of it. there is so much to see.
back to loving another fabric the background and border, got this at Log Cabin Yardage too. The blocks are from a FQ set I got in the mail 10 for 20 dollars a while back from a store up north.
I think this is very modern don`t you? This is going to get quilted too, ugh more backing to piece. I am my worst own enemy I know I could use the wide backs but I get more variety from the fabric that I choose. I like to make my backs as interesting as my fronts


  1. I like how the fussy cutting makes a pretty design in your finished quilt.
    What kind of knee surgery did DH have? I have had both knees replaced and it isn't a fun recovery.

  2. Love your fabric choices and your lovely quilts. You are a busy Debra these days with Hubby duty and keeping up with the quilting. Good luck with it. Happy stitching from me outside Ottawa.

  3. beautiful quilt.........well done on quilting it yourself...........

  4. You have to make a OBW out of that funky fabric! Will be looking to see it! You bought a top? Still, it is lovely.
    Yep, I'm with you for borders and backings. Yep. Boring!


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