Wednesday, March 2, 2016

scrappy gal quilt co...

 I am just a horrible friend, I thought I had posted about  this quilt but I scanned my blog and it is not there! This is the first Walking Dead quilt. Someone commissioned me to make them a quilt that had no Flowers in it.

so 2 years later I found the perfect fabric, did I say 2 years, yes you are correct. Walking Dead fabric, I knew she was a follower of the Walking Dead (honestly so am I) then it was to find the right fabrics and pattern to work with it. She wanted red, white and black only on the quilt.

Log Cabin Yardage had it all so I spent a Friday night there sewing and picking fabric as I went along, plus other days to piece it all. That red fabric I loved I just went and finished the bolt! oh as well the walking dead fabric too as you know I am making the other one.

Piecing had to be precise for the blocks to fit once I find that darn pattern I will post the name. I have a bad habit of putting stuff away and not remembering where.

Then I had to get it quilted Sandy of Scrappy Gal Quilt Co came to the rescue! If you go to her blog you will see better pictures of the quilting and quilt, for some reason I didn`t very good pictures. Sandy quilted it in red and free handed these wonderful swirls!

Did you see the border fabric? it is of New York it has all the street names and habours it is very cool I know that the walking dead was in Georgia but this to me was close enough, if you follow at one point one of the Characters had a map drawn on the chalk board of his neighbourhood this is supposed to depict that scene.

It was much fun to make you will see that I got my flower in on the back Is this not the best?!


  1. I like the fabric you have on the back of the quilt. I actually know nothing about The Walking Dead other than hearing the name now and then.

  2. Now, that is fun......and I like how you snuck in a flower or two!

  3. You always, always find interesting fabrics for your borders! They definitely are not ho hum. :o)

  4. The quilt is lovely in spite of the subject matter. The border fabric seems to fit well too.

  5. Hi I love this quilt. I was asked also to make a walking dead quilt. I love that this is not over the top. Did you find the pattern name?


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