Monday, February 29, 2016

Everything little gets bigger

 So as you can see I am not sitting idle I have the top all pieced now it is time for the borders more HST.

I brought it in to show Nicole of Log Cabin Yardage, that is were I got my Walking Dead fabric, she realizes that the HST are not of faint of heart. there are only 526 so far and now the border.
 I am getting there on Love Letters I am half done my 8th block. I laughed because someone commented they were living vicariously through me and I thought aren`t all quilters living through each other and what we are achieving, it was a nice compliment and very much appreciated though.

Oh did you notice new button on the side! YES it is The Applique Society. I have been a member for a couple of years, I will now be doing their webpage, soon we will be active in the new site. Come visit, maybe join in only 25 bucks and worth it, you also get the FB membership and free applique patterns. I am going to start Chapter Visits again Nicole of Log Cabin Yardage lets up host in her store. She is also a supporter.

 I was also asked to see some of the blocks this is what I have done so far

you can see the blocks are huge 29 1/2in so I took 2 shots.

Then you can clearly see there was an interruption that needed to be addressed. How can I refuse such a darling face. He is feeling so much better and really becoming a lovey dovey.


  1. I have a sketchbook filling up with applique plans. Some day ....

  2. They are indeed getting bigger......but not Buddy! He's still a cute little guy, isn't he?

  3. Your Love Letter blocks are inspiring but I don't have time to dig mine out to work on. Are you using the original fabrics that were used for the Blackbird Designs quilt or did you select your own?

  4. Beautiful! Love both your hst piecing and the applique. Someday I will let myself make an all applique quilt!

  5. Your blocks are beautiful. Lovely work. Happy Stitching.


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