Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stitch`n with friends

 I have been keeping up with the 1857 Quilt I have all the blocks done for Jan and Feb and now

I will work on more PHD`s for my guest speaking at the Yorkshire Rose Quilt guild on March 16, 2016. What a wonderful compliment when a guild asks you to present your quilts. It means that someone has liked what you have done and would like you to share with their friends. This guild has the best quilt shows a wonderful mixture of hand and machine work stunning work!
 So you can see I am still working also on my Trick or Treat baskets by BBD I am on the last 100 out of 300 so I feel very accomplished with this project. I am hoping to have it pieced together for the trunk show.

I also prepped the circles for the 1857 and then got them all done already I used the fabrics that were left from the Trick or Treat fabrics they are from a swap I did in the Kathleen Tracy`s Small Talk yahoo group. I am also saving whats left of the 6in blocks for the Sue Garman`s OMG quilt.
 So I also sat on Sunday with Karen H and her Mom and stitched with them. Karen and I are both working on 1857 quilt together she is going more towards the Traditional Red and Green and using the back basting method where I am more towards the CW fabrics and using needle turn method.
 So then Karen had me lay all my blocks out that I had done so far to see what it looked like. i am pretty happy so far!

It is fun to stitch with Karen and her mom! They also made me a wonderful pizza with cauliflower crust it was delicious. Karen knows how to keep the tummy very happy.

I have been telling Rose Marie about my stitching and she has decided to join us cyber stitching hers we will share long distance.
 Anne (Karen`s Mom) is stitching the blocks from Into the Meadow with Black Bird Designs and you can see she is having great fun with these.
I don`t know if you remember me talking about the Mini Auction from Yorkshire Rose well Anne is making this one for donation is it not adorable! love her flowers growing along the fence!

Well I am sure you have stuff to do I am a  little chatty today but lots going on. Go do some quilting and let me know what you are doing!


  1. Your 1857 blocks are very pretty.

  2. I enjoyed seeing all this inspiration. I am planning on doing the 1857 album quilt too. I have printed out the pattern and am trying to decide what colorway I will be using.

  3. Congratulations - wish I could be at that guild meeting, I would love to see your quilts!

  4. What lovely progress you are making on so many projects!

  5. You have some lovely projects on the go. It's always fun to be able to stitch with friends.


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