Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Not for the faint at heart

 Mommy I see dead things on the wall....
 i am going to lay here and just be safe from those things
 I have finally finished my Walking Dead quilt
 here is the close up of the fabric. 
and a close up of the corner pretty happy they all turned out the same 

I am going to have it LA quilted and have brought it to Whirls and Swirls to think about what to do for consult she took some pictures and will let me know. I do want Daryls angel wings in the large white areas the hard part is what to do with the rest. 
I am post the first post to show you where I got my inspiration for the pattern 


  1. What a fun quilt.....I don't blame those little fellers for being worried, I would be too!

  2. Love the pieced border. It finishes the quilt perfectly. I'll bet that the long armer is going to have fun quilting this one!

  3. Great job on the borders. There are a lot of flying geese in there. What a great quilt this will be to add to your next trunk show. Cute kiddies!

  4. Omygosh! :-) Would have never dreamed of making a Walking Dead quilt though we are huge fans! I'd be so afraid of bad dreams! :-) It's a gorgeous quilt though. I love that you plan to put Darryl's angel wings in the quilting. How about a crossbow design too and the words "Terminus" just to suggest a couple of other things. :-)


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