Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When the Cold Wind Blows

i have been waiting for this BOM Love Letters to start from Stitchin' Heaven Black Bird Designs are one of my favorite Designers.. I think I say that about all of them I am sure.. but I just love this most romanitic Quilt in the whole world and I have started it.

I have my fabrics cut and ready for needleturning on my first block I have already started the blossoms.

you can also see that there have been a couple of UFO's that have landed on my table this is all the stem work that will go on the blocks so I feel that I am a little ahead of the game. In the background you can see that I have also drawn my draft paper for the block layout. I did this on freezer paper so that I could iron the block (only 28") on the paper for stability while placing the pieces. I have never worked with blocks this large.. should be a new adventure!!

I also have the joy of being on a wonderful applique group on yahoo... This group Applique Cafe are involved in many BOM all applique and they keep you so motivated. I am working with them with my Aunt Millie's Garden. If you would like to see variety of Applique blocks and many of the projects different people are involved in you must join and visit it is well worth it. So this one is done now and at the end of the month they have a draw for the winner to get a incentive gift.

These are the current ones different individuals are involved in

1. Vintage Valentine by Verna Mosquera

2. Affairs of the Heart by Aie Rossmann

3. Dutch Treat by Judy Garden

4. Ladies of the Sea by Sue Garman

5. Aunt Millie's Garden by Piece O'Cake Designs

6. Applique Affair by Edyta Sitar (starting soon!!)

You can make a suggestion to the group to start another BOM if enough sign up then you can have your own support group.. isn't it just wonderful!!

Be sure to click on the links you will see that the words are different colors they will link you to the right place.
so now you can see why I am not a steady poster to the blog... there is just to much to do and with work getting in the way I have to spend some time quilting.. keep stitchin' girls


  1. Sounds like a great group and wonderful projects you are all doing!

  2. Deb I am now envying you, that Love letters is gorgeous, what fun to do a BOM like that, I gather you recieve pattern and fabrics each month? Looks like you are organised with the bias and freezer paper, its a beautiful quilt. I just love Blackbird designs patterns adn fabrics, mmmmm.

  3. Oh I can't wait to see your first Love Letters block! Thanks so much for sharing the information about the group - I've signed up - I've search high and low for a hand applique group.

  4. Aunt Millie's Garden is very pretty! You are right, sometimes the computer gets in the way of stitching. It does in this house......

  5. Your Aunt Millie's block is so pretty! I love all the blue's.

    I am doing 3 of those quilts on that list.

  6. What a great BOM. I really should get down to doing some more applique but it's finding the time.
    Perhaps I'll jin the yahoo group and that'll give me the boost I need.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  7. Gorgeous work, Deb. The BB gals are my favorite designers as well.

    The colors in your Aunt Millie's block are stunning. You're one busy lady!

  8. I can't wait to see your Love Letters progress...I think it's just beautiful! Your Aunt Millie's block is beautiful as well and it's inspiring me to get back to mine.

  9. The Applique Cafe sounds like a great group Deb.

  10. "if enough sign up then you can have your own support group.."

    I love this - truer words have not been spoken!

    Love the Aunt Millie's Garden block ♥ I'm sure that all of the blocks together will be stunning (as usual!!).

    Did you mean to link all of the BOMs in the list at the end of your post? I'm not seeing click-able. But really? That's okay. The last thing I need is more BOM wanna-dos!!

  11. You block is very nice. Looks like you keep yourself busy. Thanks for the info about the yahoo group.

  12. Wow! Love love love the blue flowers!

  13. Wow! Thanks for sharing all the sites. I just learned to do needleturn applique, I guess I need to start doing some blocks for my next quilt. With so many wonderful blocks it sure is hard to choose.

  14. Hi, found you via Google search for Aunt Millie's Garden images... as I'm about to start this quilt. My friend and I have also collected fabric and cut block background and bias to start Love Letters... it's gorgeous... but a bit daunting, due to the size of the block!

  15. Oh, my! That is a LOT of binding! :P It is really wonderful to be able to work with supportive friends cheering and helping one along. Your applique group sounds great! :)

    That Aunt Millie block is gorgeous.


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