Friday, September 25, 2009

the Cats came back....thought they were a gonner...

On Saturday mornings when I was young there was a song that they used to sing on the T.V. that was part of the words that were in the song.."the cat came back the very next day"...LOL I don't know if anyone remembers that song...I hope it doesn't stick in your head like it will mine!

Now are these blocks not the best!! I got these the other day..I have them on the design wall waiting for my thinking cap to go on on how to put in a sashing...what kinda sashing... If you click on the picture you will see them in the Picasa album and view a great kitty parade

I am going to a Quilt show this weekend in Kitchener Waterloo for details on our Ontario Quilt shows please go to Canadian Quilters Association there is one also in Orillia.

Sandy my speed demon LAQ that does fantastic work will be coming with me.. as you can see by her pose we are going to have a blast. You will see she is posted alot on Cock-A-Doodle Quilts
Sandy quilts lots of quilts from the store and also teaches great classes!! as you can see she has "personality".. Sandy also teaches at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop classes you don't want to miss especially if you are scrappy girls. I was surprised the other day she told me she only buys Fat Quarters!! The quilts she comes out with!! I will have to take pics and show you a little later. I have one of her pattern kits with the 1930's fab's in the same pattern that is listed on Cock-A-Doodles blog so go take a look

I could not resist this pic.. i have a hedge that I am trying to grow of Pink Diamond Hydrangea's and they are their peak to be cut and dried. I cut some and put them in this blood red vase I got at a yard ask Joey are they not beautiful?? These had not been sitting on the table more than 10 minutes and everyone had to check it you think he is a big boy or what?? don't mind his bare underbelly from day one he has licked the fur clean no matter what food I have given him.. it is like he has his morning shave.
Well I have joined a finishing a UFO group and going to try to put three quilts together that are UFO's before the end of the year.. that is my resonable goal...I hope I pray I will. I will post the link and the projects on the next post with the quilt show pics...
I am going to an Applique group tonight at Cock A Doodle Quilts.. I am bringing.. yes you guessed it my Love Letter blocks...
So for tonight happy applique, be it blocks or binding.. it is applique day for me...


  1. Love the kittie blocks, they will make a fun quilt! Joey is not big, he's just fluffy.
    Now old Mr Johnson had troubles of his own.....he had an old yellow cat that wouldn't leave home......
    you've started me off now!

  2. I love your kittie blocks, and the fabric you use.

  3. I love your kitty blocks! THey are so cute!

  4. I remember that song from Saturday morning cartoons. That makes me sound not too old. But in reality I have to say that the TV was on for my kids. They loved that song. We used to sing it in the car all the time. I always learn so much when I go to your blog. I love your finishing plan. I am trying to do that too. Three before the end of the year does not seem too bad.

  5. Love the hydrangeas Deb. They are such a pretty color.
    Hope you have a great time at the quilt show. Take lots of photos please.!

  6. Your cat blocks are great but the real kitty taking time to smell the flowers is so cute.

  7. Awesome cat blocks! All so different! Wonderful! 8-)


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