Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love Letter's

Welcome back like I said I have lots of news and will be posting dribbs and drabbs..below are bags I got at a dollar store are they not cool!! they even have zippers! You will see the hearts with numbers...well in one guild York Heritage quilters guild I am hosting the Special projects chair.
we are going to do sort of like a round robin by making a different size block each month and passing the bag to someone in the group each month so at the end everyone will have back 8 different blocks to make a sampler.... the challenge is to make a quilt from these blocks
I had 32 bags and 32 people signed up I am very excited to see what the outcome will be for this the President of the guild came up with the idea and that really helped me know what to do...we have a great President this year.
Above is what I got in the dear jane bom, my next block for Love letters and also another bom called Heartland. I have already got my fabric cut and pinned on for the next Love Letterss block Bur Oak for some reason I thought I took a pic but didn't will show it the next time.. but you can see the middle packet with the fabric and the pic above is the next block

above is block 3 ready also for now I have 2 of these gigantic blocks ready for applique and one done.. Yippee.. I'm working on it I am!! you can see below the finished first block I love it and finding it a challenge with these blocks cause they are so big not used to it that is for sure.

I am not sure if you remember this quilt below.. it was partially done and posted on Quilters Bloggers under ugly quilt. Well it is done, quilted and I do have the prairie points on it..this is before the points darn it.. thought i got it with the this is the bed quilt. It was a Fon's and Porter technique I saw on QNN when it was free and decided to try time I will pic better fabrics but I do like the idea.
Well I got no votes.. I am not a purple lover at all so this is one reason why me thinks its ugly...
but then I look over at my day bed I have a quilt hanging that has purple in it and then the one on the day bed has purple..I don't know what I like maybe...
Well I am going to my friends Sandy's for a bit she is a wonderful LAQ. We are going to chat and sew a little she wants to make a mini star quilt in the beiges and off whites I am going to applique..
thanks for your wonderful encouragment and comments they are always a big welcome. I feel better about the mini now that I read what you all had to say.. I thought it might have been to plain especially with all these wonderful talented ladies that blog and design.. I learn so much from you all.. thanks


  1. What wonderful treats the mailman brought you. He was very good to me last week! I love the large applique blocks. My applique skills aren't good enough to attempt anything like that.

  2. What a great idea for your guild. I will look forward to seeing the results.

    Nice goodies in the mail. I like doing applique but don't seem to get round to it very often.

    I am glad you feel happy about your mini - I for one would love to be the recipient of that.

  3. Where are you doing the Love Letters bom with?
    I have wanted to make that quilt
    finding those blue/greys are hard so thought I may do it as abom
    Love your block btw.
    don't you love packages in the mail?

  4. Oooo squishies!!! Squishies are the best mail, even takes the sting out of the bills. Love your BIG blocks.


  5. Big blocks are good....means the quilt gets done faster! As for the purple, I suppose you are either a purple person or you are not - me, I'm a lime green person -

  6. I just adore your loveletters BOM. Your blocks are looking just wonderful :-)
    Have Fun. Cheers

  7. Your applique blocks are stunning. I just learned to do the back basting method and I am totally addicted. I hope to start a BA next year. I am practicing and polishing my technique on a hawaiian quilt. It is going getting done much faster than I thought it would. I have never done a BOM, but can see where it would save time shopping for all the fabrics etc. I too love getting packages in the mail.

  8. The block exchange sounds like it will be fun. Glad you got so many participates.
    Oh you are going to be busy. Love our blocks.

  9. Your applique blocks are great. And I really, really, like your purple quilt.

  10. What great stuff to get in the mail. May you let me know more about what your guild is doing? Mine is thinking about doing some small block swaps.

  11. Great blocks and wonderful quilt! 8-)


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