Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mail Watch!!

Molly is on block watch patrol.. she heard that the kitty block swap I was in the people are starting to get them in the mail. I was not allowed to post my blocks until they were mailed..so now I can!! yippee!! another reason I am posting it. I forgot to put labels on all my blocks so this way everyone will know which ones were mine...duh!!
The theme was cats.. you had to use cat fabric to make 12 blocks we got the pattern from online it was free (I am so sorry I cannot remember from what site!! please speak if it is your pattern so I can give credit) I made 2 sets cause someone had to discontinue.. life sure does get in the way sometimes.
This was the second batch of blocks I made they are full of kitties and the background fabric is called strings how appropriate I thought.. look at those darling kitty eyes.. yes it was hard to rotary cut through those kitten bodies.. but a girls gotta do what a girl has gotta do

And of course you do have to play with them on the design wall.. they look pretty good..

this was the first set...now if you click on the pic you will see the beige fabric has kitties stretching, climbing, sitting.. and then they were talking about dogs so the back ground has meow and bow wow on it and then there is just writing on the outside what kitties like to do..like lazy days and such.. I had made a mistake on these and put a different boarder on from the "background fabric.. but with all the many blocks I am sure they will be okay

i loved the way this looked cause it was like the kitty was glowing at night on a fence..
One lady is going to make these into placemats and give to a seniors home..I think it is a fantastic idea.. but I am being more selfish and making this for me.. I loved to make the blocks it only took 3 hours to make 12.. once I find the site I will post...i would do this again.. but much later...I found all this fabric in my stash did not have to go out and buy any..I didn't think I had much kitty fabric..but I guess I did.
Take time to join a swap it is great fun. I have not been disappointed yet!! I am waiting for mine when they come I will post what I got.. as you can see I am very very excited.
thanks for your visits working on block 2 of my love letters and my AMG blocks


  1. I found the original pattern on AboutQuilting.Com and posted the link on our group - that's where we all got it from. It was when I first proposed the swap. :)

  2. http://quilting.about.com/od/blockofthemonth/ss/cat_quilt.htm

  3. I love all those kitties!!!....especially Molly. She is a beautiful cat!!!!

  4. Molly is doing a very good job looking after those blocks, isn't she! I like both lots but the pale kitties with two different backgrounds stand out a bit more.

  5. How cute are those blocks. I look forward to seeing what every sends to you.

  6. The kitty blocks are so cute!

  7. cool!!! I love these blocks. hugs

  8. kitty blocks are cute but I LOVE that quilt on the back of the chair Molly is laying on!!!!
    wow great fabrics, have we seen that quilt before????

  9. Awesome cat blocks! Love it! 8-)


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