Monday, July 4, 2011

I was a winner!!!

As promised my friends and I are celebrating with our new flag that I made last night. the last post has the link if you want to make it.
This flag is about postcard size if you would like to make it and send to a friend. This will remind me of 2011 and my start to a new job today...I think I am going to like it..yeah hooo!!
This big bag was sent to me through The Quilt Show. I had won it with 4 others they had picked my profile picture out of thousands. It is so full of things such as fabric, patterns, rulers, freezer paper, a rotary cutting board that rotates round (perfect for my mini`s when cutting)

Look at this awesome bag you can see inside that it was packed. I also got a Gammil hat but I have been wearing it so it is upstairs. That pen on the side is a Gammil pen too. Just an awesome goodie bag with loads and loads of stuff.. Thanks so my The Quilt show it was a wonderful surprise.
I thought I would show you this mini that I have hanging in front of my ironing board this  was something I made from the left overs of another mini I had made earlier...just thinking that I need to get it quilted. I have a friend that really likes it..
Well off to get somemore of my baskets and flowers done. Slowly piecing the baskets and getting the flowers ready.


  1. Lucky you....a win is always good!

  2. Great win! You got some good stuff there!

  3. Wow great win!! Your mini quilt is awesome, I really really love the fabric you used for the border :0)


  4. What fun wins....and love you mini

  5. What a blast you had going through that bag ..... congrats!

  6. What an amazing win, congratulations. I love the mini quilt and the flag is adorable in it's tiny size.


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