Sunday, July 24, 2011

Like a rolling stone....

I decided to give the applique a break today. I am starting those gold circles and they are a little tedious. I love my new iron though to work with them you can see it on the right of the portable ironing board

 So I decided to start on a project that I had already cut out a while ago that has been sitting on the quilt frame...

Do you remember the Stonehedge fabric that I bought that I thought I would never buy? the pattern that talked me into buying this fabric was calling me so I started putting the blocks together.

then I needed a little break
so this is what is done so far...not as easy as it looks there are a few `Y`seams in there..but I love what is happening. I have 11 blocks pieced and  I have about 7 blocks to finish and then I go to the celtic block. and then there is the celtic I really have to work tomorrow??
Hope you all had a great you can see we have left no stone unturned...LOL (honestly I am surprised how bright the blocks look they don`t look that bright in real life)


  1. Love the start of the Stonehedge fabric quilt!

  2. Isn't that just the cutest little iron? If it was a fish you would have to throw it back because it is below the legal catch the textured look of the Stonehenge fabrics.

  3. Very nice! I guess your other project won't mind waiting if it will get this kind of attention in the end.

  4. What a greate quilt you have started on. Love your chois of fabric!

  5. Cool looking quilt :0) I can't imaging doing celtic blocks by machine, I can barely do them by hand LOL.


  6. Love the new quilt! It is good to sometimes change directions and work on something new. How are you doing the celtic blocks? Don't you just love Luigi's? The lemon is my favourite!

  7. Neat block. I love those Italian Ice. I haven't had one in a while though.

  8. having fun are you, Deb... maybe you need to call in sick.. LOL

  9. I like the looks of that one Deb. I like the looks of most of your quilts. Where do you get the time?


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