Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pinch me!! am I dreaming!!!???

I only wish

 Rosemarie stopped by and brought my most favorite quilt all done, hand pieced and hand quilted it is so, so stunning! I had promised if she brought it and it got into my hands it would not be going home...I tried all night but the closest I got was wrapping myself in it and enjoying the moment.
Visit her blog by clicking on her name. Rosemarie does great tutorials that I am sure will keep you busy for hours, her show and share is just awesome remember most of these quilts are hand pieced and all hand quilted.
Do you remember this quilt. Monica came by last week and we put the rows together...well I thought we did. The next evening I was looking through another project (baskets and flowers) and on top was another row so I put that last row on and then dug through the stash found a little boarder strip and the kitty boarder around. I really can`t believe how much kitty fabric I have.
This quilts is meant to be a comforting lap quilt. I pieced the backing and now Monica will quilt it by machine. I will put the binding on so you will see her quilting.  I am getting so excited about his project

Theeeennnnn there was a fabric sale and so Rosemarie and I went. The store was packed I was not going to stand in the crowd, Rosemarie was right in I looked at some books that were 3 for $25 and that was all I got.
Rosemarie had an arms full of fabric and then we were on our way 2 blocks on to our next journey (Dairy Queen and another fabric store around the corner) Rosemarie liked this book that I got so we went back. The crowd had lessoned and so I ventured into the sale fabric...just look what happened!!

If that were not enough we went from Oshawa to Sew Sisters and got MORE fabric I got the 2 choice fabrics on the top for another project in mind...That`s okay Rosemarie did well there too...not only that she emailed me the next day and she said she went back for more!! LOL I can`t wait to see what else she got!
do you see that snow man fabric do I have a plan for know the redwork quilt that has been so popular, that fabric will be perfect for my backing and prairie points in that quilt...have the pattern (thanks to my mom...I made the mistake and told her how much I loved that pattern and she bought it for me. Isn`t she the best?)
I am still working on the basket blocks just starting to applique circles on the centers of the flowers it is going to look very vintage with the Red and Gold (cheddar) flowers.
I will be finishing up my angels this week they have to be done for the conference at the end of August I don`t want to be rushed.
I am watching my plants wilt with this aweful heat soon summer will be over and I will enjoy the fall cannot be soon enough.
Keep cool for those that are wilting and for those that are enjoying their winter be lucky...


  1. I love the way the kitty quilt came out. How lucky that last row made it into the quilt (and that it fit along with the one next to it). That sounds like something I might do but I probably wouldn't find it until it was half quilted. Enjoy your new fabric!

  2. You did well at the sale! That's such a cute kitty quilt, and like you I love Rose Marie's quilt.

  3. LOVE Rosemarie's quilt!! I'll have to go check out her visiting fellow hand piecers :0) How nice of you two to boost the economy LOL.


  4. Oh yes, we had a fun day and that quilt is safely back on my quilt ladder! Debra did her best to whisk it away from me when I wasn't looking. She even roped in her hubby to distract me.

    Debra, I've seen your stash and I'm not surprised at how much kitty fabric you have on hand! :o)

  5. I saw that quilt on Rose Marie's blog. She does fabulous work and she make quilts so fast. Looks like you two had a great time together.

  6. You do such lovely work, betweens.... and always something new and interesting....


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