Sunday, September 25, 2011

beee varwy careful wabbit

i could only think of Elmer Fudd and his cute voice whispering in my ear as I sew these 3/4in strips into blocks for my mini Irish Chain (oh I see my table is a little dusty with fairy fabric dust)
I spent Saturday sewing this mini quilt together and had a great time doing it...with these mini`s you really need to be careful when sewing those 1/4 in seams

i really love how it turned out..I used snowflake fabric and it really added some texture with white on white strips!!

Finished size 8x9 1/2in
Blocks are 3/4in each
machine quilted you can click on the picture to enlarge.
pattern from Miniature Quilts Mag No23 May 1996
All that is left is the binding


  1. That is a lovely effect.I can't imagine getting a machine to behave that well!

  2. Now that turned out so cute! I love making mini's.

  3. What a lovely little quilt!
    I love the effect of the snow flake fabric!

  4. My fingers would have been stitched into those little tiny teeny squares...what a beauty!

  5. It is an amazing accomplishment what is the finished size?


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