Saturday, November 26, 2011


This is what I got in my SSW on my Canadian Group. look at all those packages and love the cutie card.  These packages just got opened and I am totally amazed will post the picture next time but I got great VIP fabric blendables, quilting needles, crocketed dish clothes and hand towl for the kitchen with pot holders..always can be put to good use. I got a great mag with wonderful patterns for special designers, flower head pins great for paper piecing and stack and whacks. a needle case magnitized. A meter of great background fabric and the best is a wallet that was made especially with me in mind. it has a loonie in it to start off with a wealthy year and a name tag made especially for me. Sylvia from BC really thought about what she was sending and I am so very very thankful

I also have been spending time with great friends. We are sitting every Thursday and sewing it is working better so that we can give each other inspiration. Rosemarie (left) and Mary (no blog...yet) always have so much to share this was at RoseMarie`s house. What a wonderful setting she puts on doesn`t she? We drew names and will trade our little treats in the new year.

This swap item is now finished and gone to the swapee once she receives and opens it I can post what it looks like. I am nervous and hope she likes it...

I have loads more to show but downloaded pictures and can`t find it.. getting a little problem with remembering things right now but will post soon. I am told I need to update my blog more. Only cause they know that I am always doing something
I am working on my next mini the nine patches are only 3/4 of an inch for this pattern it is another wee one... will post later. Have a great weekend hope everyone on the American side had a great Thanksgiving weekend. by the posts in the blogs there was alot of family events.


  1. What a lovely package of goodies! Seems that Mary, Rose Marie and you are enjoying your get-togethers, and yes indeed, that is a lovely setting. Love that quilt on the wall!

  2. Hi, so exciting with so many great gifts!
    I look forward to seeing the project that you have made​​, you have always great projects:o)


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