Sunday, November 27, 2011


WE had sewday at my place about a week Thursday and this is what my friends did very very unexpected!! Now my birthday has long gone (Nov /)but they felt the 50th just could not be celebrated quietly. They even got DH in on it and he brought it downstairs when we were chatting. This was very unexpected! Mary is celebrating her 50th in a couple of weeks but does not have a blog. Any ideas on what I can do to her??
Deb`s surprise 50th!!

2 Hobbo`s comparing bags

Then Mary had gone to the Houston Show and come back with some goodies. This is the best idea ever! she put them in Hobbo bags are then not darling? RoseMarie and I both got one with a needle holder (wooden and beautiful and toblerone bar a small one to tide us over and a stapler that is stapless...does that make sense? then the fat quarter it was all tide in awesome I think but that is not alllll.....

Look Below!! OMGoodness Gracious ME!!!!

Rosemarie presented me with this gorgeous gift made by her it is all done in French Knots!! I thought it was needle punch but no there are zillions of French Knots...she got this form the Kim Diehl Book Simple Graces. it is just perfectly awesome
 (if you click on her name you will see she is doing another wonderful project from this book)
a gift never forgotten

oh dear there is deer in my garden

I went to my mothers last weekend and she gave me these gorgeous deer to put out in my garden I love them so much!! have to keep an eye out for vandelisms though near Halloween they had kicked over that bench and broke my bird bath the culprits..
I did move them closer to the house but had to let them play in my garden
I also had sent off the Chooky swap and am now working on another one. This is the last that I have to mail as you can see I am using my trusty Mini Quilts mag and found this old fashion pattern the Gentlemans fancy...those nine patches are 3/4in finished...Once my Chooky swappee gets hers and unwraps I will be able to show the end products....VBG
Well back to sewing I do have a pile of dishes to get done but I think they will wait a little it is hard to quilt when you have dish pan hands. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!! so sad the weekend is almost over already


  1. belated happy birthday.........gorgeous present from Rosemarie......glad your SSCS is on the sleigh.......someone is going to be very happy........

  2. Oh wow, how gorgeous is your birthday gift! and that cake looks yummy too. Mary needs to start a blog, I would love to see what she is doing.....tell her I said to start!

  3. You gals look like you had way to much fun! Happy Birthday.

  4. That picture is done in French knots? I wish I could see it in person. It must be truly amazing!!! How nice that they gave you a surprise party - such fun! Gentleman's Fancy looks like it's off to a wonderful start.

  5. OMG! I missed this post. How did that happen? Happy Belated Birthday Deb! Your gift from Rosemarie is gorgeous. I made some deer many years ago. They are still in the basement. I think I will put mine out too.


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