Monday, November 7, 2011

word got out!!

I had turned 50 last Thursday, I forgot that Facebook makes you put in your DOB so I had loads of happy birthday`s Thanks to all those that were thinking of me, and sent me wishes I know too many people I think!!
Mom and Dad sent me a wonderful Basket of goodies I took a picture but can`t find it will post it when I find it. It was done in Halloween colors and there was a bounty of goodies. My DH gave me a GPS that will upload updated maps without having to buy a new chip yahoo, he knows how I love to travel the back roads

I also went to a wonderful Quilting retreat (Oct 19th weekend) with a guild I belong to, it was a first time in a long time that I was comfortable on going, as you can see we had just perfect weather.  This is Rice Lake, Ontario
 You see where that picnic table is that is where I was staying look how close I was to this gorgeous view. I roomed with 2 really great girls it was lots of fun considering one had just lost her mother the week before but she really has a heart of gold..Ann H. I was very glad to be able to be with her at this time her mother had gone into hospital the day before her 90th BD celebration
 This is most of the gang picture taken at our last meal together do you think we where all happy?? everyone of these ladies was special and wonderful to be with.  We ate at different tables, and socialized with each as a whole group it was so fantastic. The meals were excellent, they were buffet style and there was so much food I had to bow out of Sat supper cause I was still full from lunch. (I am in the one in the very back 3 from the right with some kinda funny face)
 Ann had picked the Sampler blocks up at a garage sale and had made the flying geese blocks to go with them, this was her challenge she brought and I think she is doing a fabulous job
The picture above is a great pattern sorry I can`t remember the pattern but it was the rave for the longest time. Lynn did it with halloween fabrics don`t they look awesome she had all her blocks pieced but needed to put them together, I had never seen such a calm quilter at work. she was just so relaxed.
OHhhh and to show you the place we got to sew look at all the room! and the lighting was just fantastic, there is a stage in back of me and everyone was standing and showing their quilts or auditioning up there. Ann is there standing with her hands on her hips
Dorothy showing her gorgeous top! it was really exciting watching it come together the same with the one below, can`t remember this lovely ladies name right now but look at all that planning to make these quilts!

see the couch on the stage, I had a nap on that Sat afternoon, I just couldn`t keep my eyes open so crashed for about 15min (snap knap) and then back to sewing.
Shelley made the fabulous quilt below for her son she used jelly rolls I think it looks fabulous. Shelley also made a bag for both her daughter and son on the last day and put some goodies in them. what a nice thoughtful mom

I started a project below as you can see. This was another rage, Lone Star I got the middle together but will be doing the rest at home. I still have more photos but didn`t want to overwhelm everybody. This group is very productive they keep you hopping with wonderful ideas and creativity. I had a fabulous weekend and will do it again next year for sure.  I was busy watching what others were doing and socializing really I did do more but it was guild homework. I had to do this at a quiet time so I was the early riser and was able to work on this while others where still snoring.

well back to work on my swap stuff thanks for visiting you`all and for perservering through this long post. The older you get the chatter you get..LOL there is just more to talk about.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday!!

    I love your Lone Star. The fabrics are beautiful. I look forward to seeing you progress.

  2. I'n so sorry, I missed your birthday - we were away! But (slightly late) best wishes. Looks as though you had fun at your retreat!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend. Happy sewing.

  4. Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate.

  5. Is that how it works? I had a birthday last week too and though I never (well, hardly ever) look at facebook, suddenly there were TONS of birthday wishes from all over the place. Someone must have blabbed at school too because as I walked across the campus, everyone I met had a greeting.
    That does look like a fun retreat...and very productive.

  6. Happy belated Birthday!!!

    WOW looks like a great place to relax and get some sewing done. I can imagine that it was a wonderful quilt retreat.

  7. Sounds like an amazing retreat! The location looks so wonderful, and such a great group of ladies! They all were producing some wonderful things, too!


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