Monday, February 6, 2012

Bear is out of the Cave

Baskets of Posies May June 2011 mag

Corner with Prairie Points changed up some of the pattern

applique stitches on the back

Mom Happy at work with piecing all our applique together

My flimsy pattern from Temecula Quilt co the 12 Days of Christmas
Mom and I worked hard for the last 4 days to finish this quilt for the deadline and believe me our fingers are really feeling it. I have been coming home and working on the applique for weeks and weeks so that we can get it done for the end of January I am happy to say that we are now done. It is now going to her group to hand quilt. We will be selling tickets! they will be 1dollar a ticket or 6 for 5 dollars all the funding goes to Erie Chapter for the Ontario Eastern Star. This is how the group gets their funding to pay rent, and keep their chapter going. There are only 2000 tickets so you have a good chance to win.
If you are interested you can email me for my address and I will be glad to send them to you once you send a self addressed envelope with the funds.

I thought I would post some pictures of our process this weekend you can see that I changed the corners of the pattern and really love the effect. We had a wonderful time putting this quilt together, we had to applique some that was left and then it was the piecing of the blocks and boarders and then the background.

Last but not least I had this flimsy done long ago when they were posting the 12 days of Christmas blocks I used some scraps that I had from my pie in the sky quilt. 

Mom in on the train going back home and I have to say we had a fabulous time, I miss her already we have already made plans for another quilt we would love to do together for the next visit and to see the play of War Horse. Mom had never been to a play we will have to change that!!

Hopefully I will be posting sooner than later but we will see...back to my UFO`s that were on hold.


  1. Ååååå WOW, what a fabulous quilt! It is breathtaking. I LOVE it. The colors are gorgeous. This is the most beautiful quilt I have seen.......... And you should give it away. Your heart is huge and I admire you for it.

  2. I would say so much more but I'm speechless for words .... Hugs Lena

  3. That is really gorgeous....the setting is very interesting,and the prairie points are a wonderful border idea. The background fabric is really pretty too!

  4. Wow! What a great looking quilt! Well done!

  5. If you take American dollars, I will be happy to buy some tickets. It is a beautiful quilt and a good cause. Working together with your mom must be very special for both of you.

  6. Deb, I really LOVE this quilt! Your border treatment is lovely. Great job...

  7. O M G

    You have left me speechless!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous quilt! And thank you so much for stopping in at my quilting blog to see the Tucson Quilt Show pics! Glad you enjoyed them!

  9. Congratulations on a stunning quilt! I love all the applique! Gorgeous colours.

    Love your little 12 Days of Christmas quilt. Everytime I see a finish I am more tempted to make one.

  10. I am still in awe of this quilt. The prairie points add that something special to an already stunning quilt. The combination of piecework and applique on a crisp background. This looks very vintage and pleasing to the eye. What an heirloom. I applaud you for being able to part with it. Someone is going to be very blessed. Prairie Quilter from Nebraska.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! You did good my friend!

  12. What an incredible quilt!! Can I borrow your mother :-)

  13. Oh My!!! I am swooning over this quilt!

    ME. LIKE.

  14. OMG this quilt is just beautiful...what magazine was that pattern in?
    I LOVE basket quilts....
    love that you and your mom made this quilt together what a treasure it will always be


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