Sunday, February 26, 2012

what`s up


quilts and things 002

for one thing Molly`s tail it is never down it is a pare scope that you cannot miss and look her bloomers are filling in finally on a calming med and it is helping

quilts and things 004

I also started my next block  for Love Letters and

quilts and things 005

as you can see there has to be a kitty on top to let me know she is here. Nosey giving me her best pose to entice me to pet her.

quilts and things 008

also started a new mini, I had made one of these long ago but love this pattern so much I had to make it again. only I made these wonderful mini prairie points around the edge, they are 1 1/2in squares folded for the points.

The anvil blocks are 3in.

quilts and things 010

I will post all of it once it is all quilted I am just going to start basting and hand quilt it with the Baptist fan.

quilts and things 005

this is the current block I am working on for my Love Letters, this I have done more since this post, I am about 3/4 done.

I know I am sporadic on my posts but I was down for a couple of weeks with sever back pain, I know that allot of people have suffered with this but man do you ever feel disabled. I am so lucky I have my man here to help me! I feel for those that only have themselves.  I am catching up on some swaps that I could not work on due to not being able to cut. but was able to applique in my chair.

I was  lucky my applique had been prepped. I would applique a little and fall asleep in my chair, wake up and applique a little more and then fall asleep again. It was very therapeutic, I wish my honey had taken a picture cause I had Nosey on one side and the applique on the other, she would not leave me all the time I was sick, now she is glad to be back in her tree sleeping angelically

quilts and things 007

Mom and Daughter entangled, how do you like Molly`s pink belly? it is getting better. Really.


  1. Ouch......hope your back gets better soon, backs can be so painful. Your quilts are lovely, and it's great to see pics of the kitties!

  2. My, what a lot of nice work is going on! And your assistants are darling

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you've had problems, Deb. So good to know it is all behind you pun intended.

  4. kitties are adorable....
    glad your back is feeling better...LOVE the anvil quilt with the prairie points! very nice.
    I like seeing how you lay out fabrics for your next block, I do the same thing!
    LOVE the quilt on the wall, wow!

  5. So many nice things, Between... Glad to hear you are feeling better and the kitty too.. always glad to see your projects... been thinking of doing a mini, but have to catch up on some other projects...

  6. I'm glad to see you working on some of your Love Letter blocks. It will be such a beautful quilt! That anvil quilt is sweet and the prairie points gives it a zing.

    Sweet kitties .... you need to show them more!

  7. I worked a little bit on a Love Letters block the other day. They are big and take a lot of time to stitch.

  8. Beautiful Love Letters block!~!!!!!!!


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