Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sidebar Alert, Fantastic Quiltshow coming

My special quilting guild is having their quilt show at the End of March I am posting a reminder on the sidebar please if you are in the Whitby, Ontario area please come and see us the dates are below and I am keeping it on the sidebar.
Anyone wanting to post this alert to their blog or sidebar please let me know that you have done so by leaving a comment we would love to get this out as far and wide as possible.
You will not be disappointed, this group of ladies are very very active in their quilting abilities and there is a grand amount of variety of quilts, so the invite to you is to come and enjoy our show

Thanks in advance to all those that post on their blog for our Ontario visitors to come and see our show. That is Ontario Canada.
This is the fabulous quilt you can win just by buying a ticket so if anyone is interested you can email me with my address if you cannot make it to the show, but I know you wanna come don`t cha


  1. I would love to come to the show, but it's several months too early.....we won't be coming to Ontario until later in the year! But if you could organise me a ticket or two I will repay you, for sure - it's a beautiful quilt.

  2. Hey Deb, I'm putting it on my blog sometime next week. I haven't chosen the day yet, but I'll let you know.


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