Sunday, March 4, 2012

my TeaTowel

I was in a swap and this is the gorgeously wonderful teatowel I had received. I am terribly late with mine I will post when she gets it. I was to have it out at the beginning of Feb but have only finished now and sent it. Too many issues to talk about right now...but my swappee understands as long as you communicate with your partner.
Mamu is this ladies screen name on the group I belong to, we had meet online from another group and I just love my Teatowel but not only did she send me a teatowel she sent me a wonderful apron to match are they not adorable!!
I also got another wonderful gift that i will post the next time. I didn`t have a picture of it yet...How do you take a picture of something and make it look as beautiful as it is. I am not a very good stager, new word for me from a dear friend that just went through staging her house to sell, it sold already and she has bought a new one. I am still getting over the shock will let you know next time, I am not happy for me but happy for her (kinda, well sorta, well alright as long as she is happy)


  1. Your swap gifties are indeed adorable! We didn't stage our house when we sold a couple of years ago....but I did sweep the floor, and it sold fairly quickly.

  2. Friends often give me tea towels with chickens on them as I used to collect chicken items. Cute chickens!


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