Sunday, March 11, 2012

Add a love, add a little happiness….la, la, la

These wee homes are going to another part of the states the pattern is from the designer on the sidebar you can see the little house there, everyone is making scrappy homes, I also thought it would be great on tea towels
Molly gave me a scare but she is getting better a really bad urinary infection, as you can see she is no worse for wear
Then I could not resist this book by Black bird designs I think this maybe my next project, a pattern in there called Pressed Flowers and a needle keeper that just has to be made. How appropriate!
We 3 Quilters was only 2 but we shared in some cake. I could not resist this look how feminine it is so spring like! We did meet up on Saturday with our 3rd and had a wonderful lunch. We have 12 weeks left with RM and then she moves up north only 6hrs drive away from us….
I am still working on my special project and it is coming along really cute this is a portion. It is with my scraps
And also getting my next Love letters block ready to applique…not to much happening in my part of the world..LOL
I noticed that spring is cropping up in some parts of blogland this week we are hitting the teens, I would love to start gardening clean up but know it will be too early.
Still getting ready for our big quilt show at the end of the month so hope you can make it!!
Have an applique day


  1. I love your house blocks, they looks wounderful. I hope that Molly is doing well by now.
    Cant wait to see your Love its so gorgeous :o)
    Take care!
    Hugs Lena

  2. Hello to the kitties.....poor Molly, hope she continues to improve. Your work is lovely!

  3. I really liked what you did with the little red house in the frame .... your photo doesn't capture the beauty not to mention how creative that idea was to put one of the houses in a frame along with a bit of embroidery. Brilliant!

  4. Enjoyed sniffing around your blog. Will come back for another visit.


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