Monday, March 4, 2013

It pays

to keep signing out one of your guilds library books for 2 years. I keep signing this book out every time I go to guild for one thing I love the cover quilt, and the quilts inside I would make every one of them they are all very special quilts. Plus no one ever has asked for it to be reserved for them
but then I got a plan, do you remember this quilt? Well I took the boarder off and now I sewed it back on
i decided I am going to swag it, there is an old pattern for swag and bowtie, this is the start
I think it is going to add a wonderful dimension to this quilt wait till you see what is going between the swags it will just look so antique, just what I wanted.
I got my beautiful blocks back from my winter swap blocks, they are lovely but it was disappointing, a couple of people that signed up didn't`t send their`s in, did not contact the coordinator and left everyone hanging, too bad for Lee it was her first attempt at coordinating one. I hope this does not deter her from doing another one. I know life happens but courtesy to communicate is part of swap protocol. I have to think now how to lay these out so that I can have a winter lap quilt.


  1. The swag will add a wonderful dimension to your quilt. Great Idea!

  2. We all know that life happens, but it's still courteous to let the swap co-ordinator know if you can't carry through your obligations. Still, the blocks you have received will make a start on a nice winter lap quilt.

  3. Love what you are doing with the border ... it will be gorgeous and so antique looking! Yumm, love the snowflake swap block!

  4. Wow! Love how your quilt is coming along with the border work! Can't wait to see the rest.:)

  5. Maybe if they had a chance to see the book they would!


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