Sunday, March 3, 2013

It`s Rose Marie`s fault

this is one of the beautiful gifts she had for us in a gorgeous gift bag Rose Marie posted the bag all the gifts came in. Thank goodness cause I was so excited I didn`t. It is a perfect Walmart bag for when we go shopping in August.  Rose Marie also gave us the first edition of 100 Blocks by Quiltmaker, to me this is the best edition great blocks to work on. We all loved this cute scrappy sock pattern that will be a good one to work on too, wouldn`t ya know it this was in our bag too
Go back to Rose Marie`s blog today she has posted more and you will have a great quilt show and be very jealous of what we got to explore everyday
I used my dishcloth and loved the size of it for doing dishes
so then I had to try to make one of my own…not as nice I have to wait till Mary (no blog) comes back from London England to show me the finishing. but if you look at my edges something is still not right...or maybe fly back to North Bay...hummmmm...I have a plan (that is for RM)
Knitting is instant gratification perfect for an applique quilter, look I made a slipper too, my DH loved it so I am giving him this pair and then I will make a pair a little smaller for me
I am not feeling well right now (don`t worry just a bug) but as you can see I have something to occupy my brain. I am digging in the scraps so that I can get more baskets ready to applique. Dig a little and then lay back under that quilt, dig a little and then lay back
Rose Marie also made this wonderful beef goulash dish and I remember making it many many years ago, as you can see I have another craving, another easy dish that I an slow cook and dump on a plate when we get hungry.
I just dumped it all in there,  now to wait till it cooks I hope I can smell it!


  1. Be well, Debra. I love this new blog design, btw!

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! Sounds as though you all had a great visit, wish I could have been there too.

  3. Your knitting looks great!

  4. knitting little things like this is addictive , its like making little quilts let you have a finish in between big projects!
    love the slippers I had those when I was little my aunt would make them for us.

  5. Lordy .... I hope you didn't catch my cold! So, you have a plan and I see my initials beside it .... what do you have up your sleeve?


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