Wednesday, March 6, 2013


i was going to piece a border on this after I had taken the original boarders off, then came up with a plan
I found this gorgeous applique swag on another quilt in the book in the last post and had to use it.
Well I think it totally dressed the quilt up. What a difference!

 I had a sew day yesterday at Irene`s in her new studio BrambleBerry Studio`s. I was able to get 2 sides glue basted for applique.
We had a wonderful time 2 ladies, Irene and myself  and we are booked for April and May sessions too. Ladies stopped by to visit Irene`s studio, we had a delicious lunch of squash soup and salad with cheese and crackers.
I am posting a link on the side to her studio, Irene is a designer and teacher and represents Northcott as a designer of patterns for their fabrics. (which we were lucky to be there when she received her shipment of gorgeous new flannels)
 Hopefully when you visit her site you will see patterns and classes that will suit your needs.
Next time I will remember to bring my camera, I had worked a night shift and pretty well had to make sure I could remember what I needed for the sewday! next time there will be more people there.


  1. Beautiful! Your border is incredible!:)

  2. Love that swag border! What a huge difference it makes to the quilt.

  3. Wow! Spectacular quilt! The swags are perfect!

  4. The border looks gorgeous Deb.
    Love it. Your quilt will look gorgeous finished


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